Shop HYBRIDair components from Pfaff Tuning in Woodbridge, Ontario. Think you’ve seen this before? Think again. HYBRIDair is not the first to affix a lift device to the top of a coilover, but they are the first and only to nail the execution. Their self-installable bolt-on device adds ZERO height to your existing coilover assembly, yet provides up to 5″ of additional ride height at the touch of a button. Also, unlike air cans you can use the additional ride height as much as you like under any driving conditions.


Coil overs
Air Ride
Drive low at ideal spring rate?
Adjust ride height while driving?
Maximum lift height
4 – 7″
Vehicle fully drivable with zero pressure in the system?
Check out the below chart to understand the important differences that make HYBRIDair the only true no compromise solution!
‘Air Can’ Lifts
Maximum lift height
0.5 – 2″
Drive while inflated for extended periods of time?
Retains original coilover springs with no height added?
Compatible with all coilover brands?