Performance Software

These days it seems every vehicle manufacturer is going with forced induction motors, producing more power more efficiently than ever. However most of these vehicles are delivered with a fraction of their potential unlocked. Unleash every bit of power from your car with ECU Tuning and Performance Software options from RENNtech, Unitronic, GIAC, Velocity AP, […]


Pfaff Tuning offers a wide range of custom and aftermarket wheel options for any vehicle fitment. From cast pre-built fitments, to fully forged custom wheels, to OEM replacement options at a lower cost. We offer brands like ADV.1, HRE, Rotiform, Forgeline, Forgestar, Stance, Carbon Revolution, Brixton Forged, Vossen, CCW, Fast wheels, Hartmann, and many more.

Exhaust & Intakes

Replacing and upgrading your vehicles exhaust system or intake comes with many potential positive returns on your investment. Aftermarket exhaust & intake systems offer incredible sound, whether for the track or street, potential weight reduction, stylized exhaust tip options to compliment your vehicle, and of course added horsepower. We aim to provide exhaust and intake […]

Suspension & Brakes

Upgrading your suspension or brake systems on your vehicle may be the best purchase you have ever made. Whether your factory suspension or brakes are old and tired, or you're planning to get to those next few tenths on the race track, we have you covered. From H&R lowering springs to KW coilovers, brake service to […]

Aero & Body Work

We often rely on aftermarket companies to unlock the full styling potential of a vehicle, and with partners like RENNtech, Novitec, TechArt, ABT Sportsline, this potential is typically met and exceeded. Whether you are looking for more downforce around CTMP, or that final piece to truly set your project apart from others, we have options […]