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Chris Pfaff
President & CEO

Erik Morrison
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Even as a toddler, Erik was fascinated by cars, collecting hot wheels, building models, then radio-controlled cars and bikes - before turning to the real thing. In 2005, he got his first car, and learned as he repaired, upgraded, and repaired again. He studied automotive business at Georgian College, and joined the Pfaff group in 2009 as a co-op student in Newmarket, before moving to Pfaff Tuning as a sales representative. Erik is a longtime Porsche and McLaren fan, and spends almost all of his time outside work consumed b anything automotive - and enjoying the short snowboarding season. Erik lives in Richmond Hill.



Piero Parente
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Piero was interested in machines since he was young, and grew up riding dirt bikes and watching his dad work on cars in the garage. When he finished high school in 2006, he began working as an apprentice; his passion was always performance. At age 18, he built his first tuned Volkswagen Jetta, turbocharging it to make a total of 380 hp; it was followed by a number of Volkswagens and Audis. Friends in the car scene referred him to Pfaff; he left his job as head technician and shop manager for another local shop. Piero studied construction management and engineering at George Brown college; he lives in Brampton and enjoys riding his motorcycles, attending car shows, and snowboarding.

Khurram Mahmood
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Lucas Battista
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Valentin Voinea
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Valentin's curiosity about all things mechanical started at a very young age in his native Romania, and the first car he worked on was his grandfather's Soviet-era Moskvich 408. He graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute and was an assistant at the University of Maryland Mechanical engineering lab, and his career servicing and tuning high-performance cars span 16 years. Valentin holds ASE Master Technician status, with multiple diplomas, and is an active member of SAE international. His primary specialties are Porsche and Ferrari, and he has been trained by both Ferrari Master and Porsche Gold level technicians. Outside work, he loves spending time with his kids, traveling, bike riding, and furthering his technical knowledge of both contemporary and vintage automobiles. Valentin lives in Markham and is fluent in Romanian and Portuguese.

Chris Clark
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Chris knew before graduating from grade 8 that he wanted to be a technician. He grew up as a Volkswagen enthusiast, purchasing his mark III Golf at 16, modifying it and his friends' cars more and more extensively. He began working in the automotive sector in 2010 when he joined Magna, assembling headliners and driving forklifts, before deciding to follow his dreams. He started working midnight shifts so he could complete the pre-apprenticeship program at Centennial College. Chris got his first job as an apprentice technician in 2013, and found a great connection at Pfaff Tuning, where his work lined up perfectly with his interests. Cars are a huge part of his life outside of cars, and he is constantly trying to learn new things; he is involved with the Pfaff Motorsports race team, and works on his own automotive projects, including building engines and radio-controlled cars. Chris lives in downtown Toronto.

Adrian Miranda
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Adrian did his grade 12 co-op placement in 2008 at a Hyundai dealership, and was subsequently hired directly out of high school, where he worked in the shop and also on the factory race team. He completed one year of trade school at Centennial College, and has loved cars since he was a kid, admitting that the Fast and Furious franchise ignited his interest. Today, he continues to be involved in racing, and enjoys spectating as well as working on a pit crew in his spare time. He lives in Brampton.Read Less

Billy Yuan
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Nhu Nguyen
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Nhu worked in a number of different roles in various industries, including teaching, office administration, and cooking; she decided to quit and pursue something she wanted to do since high school. She started her apprenticeship at Mohawk College, completed it at Centennial, then joined a Porsche dealer in 2013, intensifying her knowledge through working with a GT3 Cup Challenge team and the Porsche Ice Experience in Quebec. Building her first air-cooled engine got her hooked, and she joined the team at Pfaff Tuning in early 2020. Outside work, Nhu is a home-body that loves to spend time at home and with her family. She speaks Vietnamese and lives in Mississauga.

Kamil Qureshi
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Joe Zrinscak
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Kenyon Fu
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Kenyon had an interest in cars since he was a child, and hung around them almost as long. He started working at Lexus dealership while in high school as a part-time detailer, while studying to become a police officer at Seneca. During that time, he decided that automotive was his passion, and worked with The Toyota and Honda brands until joining Pfaff in November 2016. Kenyon has also worked in landscaping, as a grocery assistant manager, and in the customer service sector. He has owned several highly modified vehicles, including a bagged and boosted Acura RSX and Honda S2000 show cars. Kenyon lives in Richmond Hill.