Three Key Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Your Car


Three Key Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Your Car

Dry ice blasting is the process of using dry ice pellets that are produced through dry ice manufacturing methods to blast away grime, dirt, and other accumulated harmful materials on any surface. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), which eliminates potentially hazardous material without generating secondary waste or damage to your car’s paint job. The dry ice particles will freeze onto the surface of your car providing a gentle removal of debris without causing harm. When dry ice comes in contact with the surface it blasts away what used to seem like permanent stains, including rust and corrosion. If you are looking for a way to clean your vehicle’s underbody or other components, then dry ice blasting at Pfaff Tuning could be the answer. In this article, we share three key benefits of dry ice blast cleaning your car.

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Eliminate Harmful Waste

When dry ice is blasting your car, dry ice is attached to the surface of your car and then blasted off using a dry ice blaster that uses pressurized air. The dry ice pellets eliminate harmful waste from the surface of your vehicle without creating secondary waste or damaging any paint jobs. In fact, dry ice blast cleaning actually reduces harmful waste as dry ice pellets only remove the targeted material instead of wasting energy by blasting away both dry material and wet materials alike. By reducing harmful waste you can have peace of mind knowing that during dry ice blast cleaning you are being environmentally friendly.

Removes Debris

One of the benefits of dry ice blasting is that dry ice pellets will remove harmful materials such as rust, corrosion, dirt, and grime attached to your car’s surface. The dry ice particles blast away what used to seem like permanent stains on your vehicle’s exterior, including those that may be causing damage or harm with each passing day. By removing these harmful materials dry ice blasting can prevent further damage from occurring and protect your car from becoming corroded or rusted.

Will Not Harm Your Paint Job

Another key benefit of dry ice blast cleaning is that dry ice pellets are gentle enough to remove permanent paint jobs from your car. Dry ice particles are soft and will not damage any exterior components, including the paint job on your vehicle. This means dry ice blasting can help restore a new look to your car’s exterior in just minutes without damaging or harming existing paint jobs in any way.

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