How does a body kit affect my vehicle performance?


How does a body kit affect my vehicle performance? 

Are you looking for a way to add more performance to your vehicle on the roadways? Do you also want to add a different look to your vehicle? When you install an aerodynamic body kit on your car, you can experience both of these things. At Pfaff Tuning in Vaughan, ON, we make it our mission to assist our valued customers in finding the right parts for their vehicles and installing them onto their vehicles. We have the right equipment, machinery, and experienced technicians to get the job done right. In this article by Pfaff Tuning, we share some information about how body kits can affect the performance of your vehicle. 

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It can improve fuel economy

Putting an aerodynamic body kit on your car can allow it to drive more efficiently which can improve your fuel economy. A great way to lower your fuel consumption, and therefore your weekly fuel spend, is to reduce the drag on your car. This will improve handling but also assist your car to use less fuel. An aerodynamic mod can really influence this and save you a tonne of money.

It can improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle 

An aerodynamic body kit on your vehicle can also allow it to drive quicker with less resistance. The greater the downforce and the smaller the wind resistance, the more effectively your car will glide through the air and grip to the road. The aerodynamic qualities of your car determine the car’s downforce, which is also known as ‘downwards thrust’. Increase the downforce and you will increase your car’s ability to move faster when cornering by making the vertical force of the tires greater.

It can improve the handling of your car 

An aerodynamic body kit that is installed by professionals at Pfaff Tuning can also improve the handling of your vehicle. With greater downforce, you will be able to take corners and turns quicker with more accuracy and traction. A high-quality body kit can redirect wind to the left and right of the car rather than above or underneath. With increased downforce, as a result, a high-performance car will slice through the gusts of wind that can hold you back around corners and at high speeds.

It can improve the look of your car 

If you are wanting to add some aggressive flair to your vehicle, then an aerodynamic body kit can achieve this as well. Your body kit does not just need to be about performance, but also visual appeal and the look you are trying to achieve.

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