Where to bring my Ferrari for major service


Where to bring my Ferrari for major service 

Do you own a modern or classic Ferrari and you are asking yourself where you can bring it for major services such as timing belts, chains, or extensive motor work? Thankfully, at Pfaff Tuning in Vaughan, ON, our customers can bring their Ferrari vehicles into our facility for these major services. We have invested heavily in our equipment and training to make sure that we can handle the job at Pfaff Tuning. If you are wanting to learn more about where to bring your Ferrari for major service, then we encourage you to continue reading this article by Pfaff Tuning. 

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What can be replaced on your Ferrari during major service 

When you bring your modern or classic Ferrari to our facility looking for major services, our technicians will be able to assist you. We have included a list of parts that could need replacement on your Ferrari during a major service.

  • Timing belts, Timing belt tensioners or bearings, Valve cover gaskets and/or seals, Water pump seals, Cam seals, O-rings, Spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition wire extensions, Hoses/Thermostats, Gaskets, Fluids (Brake flush, power steering, coolant, etc.), Oil for both your engine and transmission/transaxle, Filters (Air, Fuel, Oil, Pollen, etc.), and Valve shims. While the engine is open, it is a great time to adjust those valves.

How does major service for my Ferrari work at Pfaff Tuning?

Every major service for your Ferrari requires a thorough investigation of the integrity of the engine. Depending on the model of the Ferrari, the engine and transaxle are separated from the body for a major service. This allows for space and accessibility to those hard-to-reach places. The major service is all about replacing parts that wear at a faster rate. Maintaining these components ensures they don’t fail and cause significant engine damage. This includes flushing all the fluid systems and replacing timing belts, seals, gaskets, plugs, and more.

If you are looking for a place to bring your modern or classic Ferrari for major service, then our Pfaff Tuning facility in Vaughan, ON is the place to be. We encourage you to check out our website to learn more.

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