What can an engine tune-up do for my car?


What can an engine tune-up do for my car?

Your car’s engine is a complex machine with many moving parts. While the engines of today run far cleaner, longer, and more efficiently than ever, they still need lots of upkeep. A tune-up is, broadly, a service in which your technician does a thorough inspection of your engine and then replaces or repairs all the components that have worn down or aged. If you are looking for information about what an engine tune-up can do for your car, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Tuning. Read on to learn more about this.

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What is the benefit of a tune-up?

Keeping your car in peak condition is essential to a long life. Even small problems can have exponential effects. For example, one bad brake rotor out of four might not seem like a big deal. However, when you brake, the energy that is supposed to be absorbed by that rotor has to go somewhere. In this scenario, the force of bringing a multiple-thousand-pound vehicle to a stop will be absorbed by your car’s suspension system and the other brakes. Strong as they may be, they are not built to withstand the extra wear and tear. One component functioning poorly directly impacts the rest of the vehicle. This goes for all components, whether mechanical or electrical. A good, thorough tune-up ensures that all of the parts of your vehicle are working as they should. This means that your vehicle will stay on the road longer and with fewer problems.

What happens with an engine tune-up?

The first and most important service you’ll get during a tune-up is a complete and thorough inspection. This diagnostic test will cover all aspects of your vehicle’s performance. A proper inspection will test a number of elements. On the mechanical side, technicians will check the engine vacuum to ensure that it is properly sealed and free of exhaust leaks. While looking at the exhaust, your mechanic will also inspect the exhaust emissions. Your technician will also check the ignition timing to make sure there are no startup problems or sensor errors. They will inspect the idle speed and idle mixture also. The technician who performs your inspection will also thoroughly look over your battery. They will test its voltage and also look for any loose contacts or corrosion.

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