Why is Proper Alignment Important for My Vehicle?


Why is Proper Alignment Important for My Vehicle?

Each year, Canadians spend thousands of dollars replacing old tires. Little do they know, you can extend the life of your car’s tires just by getting the alignment done regularly. What exactly does a tire alignment entail? How does it benefit your tires and the rest of your vehicle? These are essential things that all drivers should know. If you are asking yourself why proper alignment is important for your vehicle, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Tuning. We provide alignment services for both streets and track vehicles to help get your wheels pointing in the right direction. Read on to learn more about why proper alignment is essential for your vehicle.

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What are some of the benefits of proper alignment? 

There are many distinct benefits that can be experienced with proper alignment on your vehicle. Some of these benefits include:

Better handling – A vehicle with aligned suspension will drive smoother than a misaligned one. You won’t struggle to steer straight or go out of your way to turn the wheel where you want the car to go. There won’t be any vibrating in your steering wheel, and your tires won’t get uneven wear patterns.

Extend the life of your tires – As the title says, alignments can extend the life of your tires. When tires experience uneven tread wear, they need to be replaced sooner than a car with balanced wear. Because the contact between the road and tires is focused on one part of the tread instead of the whole tire, it only gets worn in that one spot. Tires with proper alignment disperse the contact with the load evenly across the full tread.

Save on gas – Wheels that are properly aligned can actually save you money at the pumps. When your wheels are not aligned properly, your engine will work harder to propel the vehicle forward. 

Save money on repairs – Properly aligned wheels will actually put less stress on the wheel assembly. This can result in a prolonged lifespan of your wheels. 

Proper alignment is essential for your vehicle in many ways. Pfaff Tuning’s experienced technicians can recommend settings to optimize your vehicle’s performance for any application, or we can set your alignment to your specified settings on your particular vehicle. For more information about alignment services at Pfaff Tuning, we encourage you to get in touch with our representatives today.

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