Can I get my car detailed at Pfaff Tuning?


Can I get my car detailed at Pfaff Tuning?

Do you have a scheduled appointment at Pfaff Tuning for your vehicle? Are you bringing it into our Woodbridge, ON, facility for tuning services, alignment services, or other customizations? Did you know that along with the high-end vehicle services that we provide, our clients can also take advantage of our Pfaff Auto Salon? That’s right, you can have your vehicle completely detailed in addition to our other state-of-the-art vehicle services. Why not have your car returned to you with a freshly cleaned interior and exterior in addition to the work you already had done? If you are asking yourself if you can get your car detailed at Pfaff Tuning, then you have come to the right place for answers. In this article, we share some information about the benefits of professional auto detailing services, and why you should consider taking advantage of our Pfaff Auto Salon at Pfaff Tuning today! 

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Car detailing keeps your car healthy 

Although you can’t see it, the interior of your car can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Having it professional detailed is a great way to eliminate bacteria and keeping your vehicle totally fresh. If left untouched, bacteria and allergens thrive inside a car, which could expose you and any passengers to disease-causing germs and more. If your interior is regularly detailed, however, a professional team will be able to blast these bacteria and allergens away.

Car detailing can protect your paint job

Having your car professionally detailed can add protection to your exterior paint job. This is especially beneficial if your car is brand new or you have recently gotten a new pain job. Professional detailing will include the application of wax, polish, or another sealant-based layer that will keep your paint job as pristine as possible even during harsher winter months.

Car detailing can preserve its value 

Especially beneficial if you are about to sell your vehicle, having it detailed professionally can help you demand a higher cost. Additionally, if you lease your vehicle and you are about to return it, having it detailed beforehand can eliminate the chance of being hassled by the dealer.

Car detailing is very convenient

When you have your car detailed at our Pfaff Auto Salon at Pfaff Tuning, you can have it done while, or after, your other services are complete. You can be in a one-stop-shop situation when you come to Pfaff Tuning for auto services and car detailing! 

Can you get your car detailed at Pfaff Tuning? The answer is, yes! For high-end car detailing services, we encourage you to consider our Pfaff Auto Salon at Pfaff Tuning today.

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