When should I take my car for a wheel alignment?


When should I take my car for a wheel alignment?

Does your car pull to the left or the right? Does the steering wheel not return to centre once you complete a turn? These are signs that your vehicle couple is out of alignment. When your car is out of alignment, it can cause other issues both short term and long term, and it is also very unsafe. If you think your vehicle is out of alignment and you could use a professional alignment correction, then Pfaff Tuning is the place where you need to be. At our facility in Woodbridge, ON, our clients can take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery for their vehicle services. If you are wondering when you should take your car for a wheel alignment, then you have come to the right place for answers. In this article by Pfaff Tuning, we share some information about this. 

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How do your wheels get thrown out of alignment? 

Your wheel’s alignment angles are measured in really tiny units, think hundredths of degrees. The smallest variance of that angle can translate into a much bigger symptom when you drive, like when your car veers to the right or left. Your wheels can be thrown out of alignment by hitting a pothole on the road, clipping a curb while parking, or even in an accident.

Why is wheel alignment so important?

Having proper wheel alignment is essential for safety and the preservation of key parts of your vehicle. A set of properly aligned tires will last twice as long as a set of misaligned tires. If you ignore early problems, the tread on your tires will wear down unevenly and you’ll need to buy new ones. Additionally, if you are constantly fighting your vehicle to keep straight, it can cause accidents on the roadways and harm your entire suspension system, which can lead to costly repairs.

When should I get my wheels aligned? 

There are many different indicators that can tell you when you need to get a wheel alignment. Some of these indicators include:

  • If your car is pulling to the left or the right
  • If your steering wheel isn’t returning to centre after you complete a turn
  • If you have recently been in a fender bender or clipped a curb
  • If you have recently purchased new tires

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