What benefits can be experienced with suspension tuning?


What benefits can be experienced with suspension tuning?

For high-performance tuners, it’s all about customization. Car tuning is the act of modifying either the appearance or performance of a vehicle to fit the driver’s unique preferences and personality. This tuning can include internal modifications to everything from the vehicle’s engine to exhaust system or even to its struts and springs so it drives and handles better on the road. Tuning can also include external modifications to change the vehicle’s overall look and aerodynamics. For the highest quality suspension tuning with parts from the industry’s most popular brands, consider Pfaff Tuning today! At our tuning facility, we work with suspension and brakes brands like KW Suspension, Renntech, H&R Springs, Hybrid-Air, and much more! In this blog by Pfaff Tuning, we share some information about some of the benefits of suspension tuning for your car.

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Difference between shocks and struts 

Let’s start with defining what a “strut” is, exactly. Both shock absorbers and struts keep your vehicle from bouncing around. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, and they basically do the same thing, shocks and struts are different parts. A vehicle either has a shock or strut at each wheel, not both, and a shock cannot replace a strut, nor a strut replace a shock. Some vehicles have struts on the front axle and shocks in the back. The main difference between the two is a strut is a structural part of the suspension system and affects steering and alignment. Like a shock, it also includes a coil spring. Sometimes, alignment is also needed when a strut is replaced, making it more expensive than a simple shock replacement.

What is the role of suspension?

The primary purpose of struts and shock absorbers is to hold the tire on the road and control the vehicle’s stability. The spring is what holds the car up in the air and absorbs the impact. Together, your vehicle’s suspension system is what ensures a smooth, comfortable ride. When you push down on your vehicle, it should immediately return back to its level position. If it rocks, it could be an indication that your shocks are bad in the back (and maybe all around). Other indications that it might be time for a replacement is when you go over a bump in the road and your vehicle starts bouncing around and shaking if it sways when you take a turn or “rocks” when you come to a stop.

Suspension tuning 

When a vehicle has been tuned to have more pick up and speed, it also needs a tuned suspension system to improve how it handles on the road. Suspension tuning can involve the modification of springs, struts, and shock absorbers to affect how a vehicle accelerates, brakes, and corners. There are different stages within the cylinder of a strut for varying degrees of durability and performance. Shorter springs provide a lower center of gravity, whereas stiffer shock absorbers improve the way weight is shifted during cornering. Before tuning your suspension, consider your vehicle’s power to weight ratio, weight distribution, engine, handling balance, and tire width. And remember, in general, small, incremental adjustments are better than extreme modifications.

There are many benefits that can be experienced with suspension tuning. If you are considering turning the suspension on your vehicle and you are looking for a high-end facility that can do the work and has access to the most popular suspension parts brands, then Pfaff Tuning is the place for you!

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