Should I add a cold air intake to my car?


Should I add a cold air intake to my car?

It’s been about 40 years since it became common practice for auto manufacturers to implement intake systems into their vehicles. All of a sudden, it had become undeniable just how beneficial these air intakes could be. They helped improve performance, they kept the engine running smooth, and they increased fuel economy. In the years since that monumental transition, aftermarket companies have worked hard to perfect this engine enhancing technology, investing millions and millions to develop the cold air intakes. Undoubtedly, these innovations have been spurred by a number of factors, including the spikes in gasoline prices and our natural, inherent love for rigging up our rides. If you are looking for ways to increase the power output in your vehicle and you are considering adding a cold air intake, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Tuning. At our Pfaff Tuning facility, we work wok alongside some of the industry’s most popular brands like AWE-Tuning, Akrapovic, GMG Racing, and many more! In this blog, we share some information about some of the benefits of adding a cold air intake to your car! 

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Get a boost in acceleration 

Depending on your vehicle, cold air intakes can add anywhere between five and 20 horsepower to your ride. Additionally, cold air intakes help boost the engine’s responsiveness to acceleration by offering more air (the colder the air, the denser) for your combustion, which helps your vehicle reach the desired speed faster.

Longer lasting and more efficient filters 

Inside of standard vehicles, the stock intakes are usually fitted with disposable paper filters. Without a doubt, these intake filters do the necessary job of catching excess debris, but they DO eventually require replacement. That is where an aftermarket cold air intake comes in. Cold air intakes feature filters that last much longer than the typical stock ones.

Get greater fuel economy 

Most engines work off of a mixture of fuel and air that creates an explosion that powers the car. However, if your vehicle is having problems delivering a sufficient amount of air, the vehicle will compensate by burning more fuel. Typically, stock intakes are more focused on being quiet than fuel-efficient. So, by adding an aftermarket cold air intake, you can amp up your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Experience a fiery and more aggressive sound 

This benefit is purely aesthetics. But it still counts for a lot. The bottom line is: with more air comes a more vicious sounding engine. If the sound is not your thing, though, don’t worry. There are intakes available that can muffle the sound.

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