Should I replace my engine or buy a new car?


Should I replace my engine or buy a new car?

It can be quite disheartening to have a mechanic tell you that the only way to fix your car is by installing a replacement engine. It sounds expensive and in reality, it is one of the more costly repairs a vehicle could need. The alternative to replacing the engine in an otherwise sound vehicle is buying a whole new car, but that shouldn’t be the first thought that crosses your mind. If it comes down to replacing your car or your engine be sure to read the benefits of the former before considering the latter. At Pfaff Tuning, if you are wanting to upgrade your engine, or even swap it out, we can do the work. We have the parts, equipment, and expert technicians to get the job done right. In this blog, we share some information that can hopefully help you decide if you need to do an engine replacement or buy a whole new car. 

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More eco-friendly to do an engine replacement 

If you decide to buy a new car it means your old one is likely to sit in your yard or a junkyard, allowing vehicle fluids to soak into the ground. If the vehicle is lucky it will be placed somewhere that people can access it to buy used parts, but more often than not they sit for years until being recycled at the crusher. By replacing the motor in your car you keep it on the road and you are recycling a motor from a vehicle that was previously wrecked.

You can avoid buying a new car if you don’t have the available funds 

Searching for a new car can be an extremely time-consuming process. Depending on your wants and needs and financial situation you may be searching for the right vehicle for weeks before finding one that suits you. Instead of spending all your time searching for a new vehicle when you were happy with the one in which the engine died simply replacing the motor is going to be a better deal. This process usually can be completed in a single day when the motor is on hand and at a cost much less than that of new or used vehicles that would be in the same condition as your vehicle.

Sudden malfunction 

Not all problems come with a warning. A snapped timing belt or an overheated engine could cause big trouble for the engine as a whole. Both of these issues and more can cause interior damage that would likely require an engine replacement, as the current engine will be unable to continue running without a complete rebuild.

At Pfaff Tuning, we can assist you with your engine replacement. Whether your engine has stopped working, you want to upgrade the entire thing, or you are restoring a classic, let our professional technicians get the job done. For more information about engine replacements and upgrades, we encourage you to continue browsing through our Pfaff Tuning website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule an appointment, or to speak with a representative.