Some compelling reasons behind engine tuning


Some compelling reasons behind engine tuning 

Engine tuning is a way to adjust and modify engine combustion. Whereas in older vehicles one had to tune the engine by replacing and updating performance parts, all of the modern cars are equipped with special engine control units that can be reprogrammed with the help of simple performance chips. That is if your vehicle has been produced in or after the 1980s, tuning your engine will not require a lot of time and effort. There are three main reasons to adjust your engine and modify your control unit settings: power output, fuel efficiency, and engine durability. By adjusting your engine performance, you can significantly increase power capabilities, fuel economy, and more. At Pfaff Tuning, our clients can get engine tuning by experienced technicians and state-of-the-art technology and equipment. In this blog, we share some information about some compelling reasons behind engine tuning.

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For additional power output 

Surely, one of the most obvious reasons behind turning one’s engine is increased power capabilities, namely, higher speed and acceleration. Increased speed and acceleration can easily be achieved with the help of reprogramming your engine control unit. Regardless of the speed limits on your dashboard, the actual speed limit depends on your engine control unit. Depending on your vehicle, the limitations can differ; yet, the truth is, no car can reach its dashboard limits without additional tuning. That is where the performance chips come in, as the reprogramming actually helps you to unleash the real potential of your car. While you may or may not need the actual speed limits on your dashboard, the acceleration limit is one of the things that really matter. Once again, your pre-installed engine control unit is the device in charge of acceleration. Since ECU controls the ignition, the only thing you can do in order to boost your acceleration is to change your engine control settings.

For fuel economy 

Engine tuning for fuel economy is another common reason for purchasing performance chips or upgrading engine components. Given that a simple chip can help you to significantly save on fuel, installing a chip seems like a perfect investment. In fact, most drivers choose to tune their engine because of the fuel economy, and not because of the increased power capabilities.

For engine durability 

Another reason to tune your engine is to prolong its life. However, at this point, it is extremely important to note that you will not be able to achieve all the mentioned above goals at once. If, for instance, you are looking for increased power output, you will not be able to save on fuel and prolong the lifespan of your engine. However, if you are not a street racer, you can easily tune your engine performance to save some money on fuel and do everything possible to ensure the durability of your engine and its components. All in all, these are the primary reasons for engine tuning. To wrap it up, here’s an interesting fact for you. Most drivers mistakenly believe that tuning an engine ensures increased power capabilities only and tends to forget that you can always tune your engine ‘vice versa’ that is, adjust your settings so that the car consumes less fuel and the engine lasts longer.

So, any driver can benefit from a little ECU adjustment. If you have questions about tuning or would like to find additional details about performance chips or engine control units, we encourage you to continue browsing through our Pfaff Tuning website. At Pfaff Tuning, we work closely with performance software companies to provide options for almost all applications. Click here to find more information about our services. 

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