What kinds of parts can upgrade my engine?


What kinds of parts can upgrade my engine?

Many of today’s cars and trucks already come with impressive horsepower, but why stop there? A variety of engine upgrades can quickly and easily increase horsepower and improve overall performance. Pfaff Tuning has partnered with some of the best aftermarket tuning companies on the planet to provide quality and performance to their customers. Pfaff Tuning, a division of the Pfaff Automotive Partners, provides unique tuning solutions for luxury performance automobile enthusiasts. We offer a wide variety of performance, aerodynamic and appearance upgrades for a range of premium manufacturers. If you are looking to upgrade your engine and you are looking for information about what parts can be utilized, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading this blog to learn about what kinds of parts can be used to upgrade your vehicle’s engine. 

Consider your spark plugs 

Let’s start with good old spark plugs. These sit inside the cylinder heads and ignite the fuel. This combustion is what makes your engine run, so as simple as spark plugs are, you’re going nowhere without them. Over time, spark plugs get dirty, corrode and eventually wear out. They might still do their job, but not as efficiently as when they were new. Make sure you change your spark plugs regularly so you get the best possible performance from your engine.

Consider a weight reduction 

You won’t get extra horsepower by reducing the weight of your car, but you will improve its performance. Ditch any unnecessary items that might be piling up in your trunk. You can even go so far as to remove seats if you’re not carrying passengers. The less weight in your car, the better it will run.

Consider your cold air intakes 

Due to its positioning, a standard air intake draws warm air for fuel combustion. This isn’t ideal. A cold air intake is designed to pull air farther away from the engine where it’s cooler. Colder air is denser and produces more power, which means you’ll see a horsepower increase with this easy engine upgrade.

Consider superchargers and turbochargers 

Adding a supercharger or turbocharger is an engine upgrade that can yield big horsepower gains. These devices accomplish this by increasing airflow, so that the engine can add more fuel to the combustion process. Although the result is the same, each one works slightly differently. A supercharger gets its power from a belt connected to the engine and delivers power the instant you hit the gas. A turbocharger gets its power from the exhaust system, which is more efficient, but produces a delay when you press the pedal.

Consider performance chips (ECU tuning) 

Factory-installed chips ensure that everything runs to detailed specifications to comply with emissions regulations. You can alter these specs by installing a performance chip. This lets you take control and alter the fuel-to-air ratio, the ignition timing and the turbo boost, yielding an instant horsepower increase without having to go into the engine compartment. All it involves is connecting to the OBD-IIport to access the information. No need to get your hands dirty.

There are many ways to improve your car’s performance. From maintaining items like spark plugs, to upgrading parts like cold air intakes, you can easily make your car a standout. At Pfaff Tuning, we can install the parts you are wanting to increase the performance of your vehicle. If you are preparing for the track or you just want to unleash the true capability of your investment, then we encourage you to take a look at our services at Pfaff Tuning. 

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