Preparing yourself for a day at the track


Preparing yourself for a day at the track

Track days allow you to explore the limits of your car, but you still need to prepare adequately for your track adventures. Different track meets will have different requirements for the vehicles that are participating, so preparing your car for the track is essential. At Pfaff Tuning, you can have your car prepared for your track meet! In this blog, we talk about what goes into preparing your car for the track.

Choose the right event for you 

Taking to the track for the first time can be a daunting experience, so it’s vital that you choose the right event. Your first step should be to ensure that the circuit is suitable for your ability. The next thing to consider is the format of the track day: ‘open pitlane’ or ‘sessions’. An open pitlane is exactly what it sounds like. You can venture out onto the track at your leisure and can spend as much time on the circuit as you please. Predictably, these track days tend to be more expensive due to the virtually unrestricted access to the circuit. However, keep in mind that there’s often a mix of abilities on track at any one time, so they can be quite intimidating for beginners.

Sessions, on the other hand, are far more restrictive, but they’re often better for beginners. This is due to the fact that drivers of similar ability and experience are seeded into specific groups; novice, intermediate and advanced.

audiontrackdayPrepare your vehicle

This is where Pfaff Tuning comes in. Before you head off on your track day, make sure that that your fluids are topped up, that your brake pads have enough meat left on them and that your tires are in good condition. It is also recommended that you strip out your interior to reduce the weight of your vehicle, but that is reserved more for intermediate to expert drivers and track enthusiasts.

On the day itself, make sure to keep an eye on your engine temp, oil consumption and tire wear. Monitoring your tire pressures can also help increase the longevity of your rubber, as well as helping to decrease your lap times. You’ll find that midway through a session, the heat generated on track will cause your tire pressures to rise. If you find the car becoming skittish you can lower your pressures incrementally to increase traction. But do so carefully and note down the changes that you have made.

Prepare yourself 

Before you even set foot on the track, you need to prepare yourself. Number one on the list is to make sure that you have adequate clothing. This doesn’t mean that you need to hit the track dressed like a pro driver, but it does mean that you should wear clothing that covers your arms and legs (a common requirement for most tracks). You should also make sure that you wear thin-soled shoes as this will ensure that you have a good pedal feel. It will also help make techniques like left-foot braking and heel and toe-ing far easier. You can check out Pfaff Tuning and our selection of footwear and track products that we carry.

porschetrackracing Pay attention to the rules of the track 

Make sure that you arrive early so that you’re not rushed. You will need to ‘sign-in’ at the main desk where you’ll receive a wristband and the timetable. This will include your mandatory ‘Driver briefing’. At the briefing, the event organizer will run through key information such as the schedule of the day, flag signals and rules of the track.

You’re then ready to hit the track. The important thing to remember is that a track day is not a race day. One of the most important rules is that you should only overtake on the left-hand side of the track (some circuits differ so check beforehand). The majority of events also restrict overtaking in the braking zones, so make sure you keep an eye out for cars approaching fast from behind and make sure to let them through safely.

There are many things you can do to prepare for a track day with your vehicle. If you are looking for more information about preparing yourself and your car for a track day, then we suggest that you contact the professionals at Pfaff Tuning today!

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