Porsche Restoration: What You Need to Know


Porsche Restoration: What You Need to Know

Time can heal all wounds but it can also wreak havoc on cars. Classic cars suffer from exterior wear and tear, wiring and parts breaking down and overall damage and deterioration. Whether you drive your Porsche like a racecar every day or park it in the garage and only bring it out on special occasions, the erosion of pieces and parts over time can’t be avoided. This is where Porsche restoration specialists come in. At Pfaff Tuning, we have the equipment and machinery necessary to restore your classic Porsche vehicle. In this blog, we talk about some things to know about Porsche restoration. 

Porsche restoration professionals wear many hats

They have to be experts in all things Porsche, not just the mechanics but the history. For a specialist to truly bring a car back to its full glory, he or she needs to know exactly how Porsche intended the vehicle to be built and driven. Porsche restoration specialists have a high level of mechanical and electrical knowledge and expertise. Their roles as Porsche historians allow them to appreciate and understand the mechanisms of your vehicle. A Porsche restoration team can rewire, rebuild and restore your Porsche to its original glory. Rebuilding engines, repairing or customizing clutches and transmissions and retooling suspensions are all part of a restoration specialist’s skill set.

Be selective 

When looking for your Porsche restoration specialist you need to be selective. Some Porsche owners want to restore their vehicles themselves while others only want an expert to make minor adjustments to their car. There are also some owners that have expertise in one area but not in others, calling in specialists only for those times that are needed. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of “do it yourself” your restoration partner should understand and work with your needs. You need to be able to communicate your expectations regarding the final product and feel confident that your restoration specialist can deliver.

pt3Workspace and equipment is essential for the job 

When dealing with a custom build or restoration, your specialist needs to have the tools necessary to get the job done. If your Porsche needs extensive metal fabrication, your specialist should probably have a metal brake, an English wheel, and other important metalworking tools. The workspace should also reflect the care needed to restore a vehicle. While working on cars can be nitty-gritty, workspaces should be organized and clean. Restorations can be big jobs and a professional restoration company should have ample room for their craftsmen and cars.

Communication goes a long way with the final outcome

Any restoration project should include consistent communication between the client and the company. From the first meeting, a restoration specialist should ask questions to completely understand what the client is looking for. Once the scope of the project is agreed upon, pricing needs to be established. Moving forward from there, your specialist should be in regular contact with you giving updates on the status of the vehicle and notifying you of any changes or unexpected issues. Communication and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of quality restoration specialists.

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