What is engine sealing?


What is engine sealing?

The engine gasket is a key component. It contributes to an efficient, safe and cost-effective engine running. Gaskets are highly technical and complex engine components. They are used in many different forms and material compositions in modern combustion engines and assemblies. Professional engine sealing is a good way to ensure that your engine components are staying in tip-top shape for many kilometers to come. Your car’s head gasket is an important part of the engine. It seals the cylinder head to the engine block. The cylinder head houses the engine valves while the engine block contains the crankshaft and pistons. Over time, head gaskets can start to leak. These leaks vary in terms of severity, and while a minor leak may simply increase oil or coolant consumption, a more severe leak or blown head gasket can cause complete loss of compression. It can also cause your cooling system to fail and make your car’s engine overheat. At Pfaff Tuning in Vaughan, ON, we can take care of your engine sealing and resealing needs. Keep your engine and all its components in the best shape possible with Pfaff Tuning! 

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It is important to know how the head gasket works if you are opting for engine sealing or resealing services. Below, we have included some facts about the head gasket part of the engine makeup.


The primary task of gaskets is to seal off the various media in the engine including gases, water, and oil from both one another and the outside world. However, gaskets also function as power transmission links. For example, the cylinder head gasket between the engine block and the cylinder head has a significant impact on power distribution within the entire tensioning system and the resulting component deformations.

Engine seal damage 

Drivers usually only notice components of the engine sealing system that they cannot see in the event of a leak. However, in such cases, the failure of the seal is not the cause of the leak. In most cases, it is damage to surrounding components that exposes the sealing element to excess stress and strain. The engine overheating, for example, can trigger a gasket fault.


Gaskets that are in perfect working order are a contributing factor in vehicle safety. They stop hot gases escaping and getting into the engine and passenger compartment, for example.

Engine depreciation

To prevent damage to the engine and maximize service life, it is important that no functional failures occur in or around gaskets and appropriate measures are taken to avoid damage to gaskets. If irregularities are identified in various engine operating states, appropriate action should be taken immediately.

Protection of the environment 

A sealing system in perfect working order prevents operating fluids such as fuels, transmission oils or lubricating oils from escaping and being released into the environment. Innovative technologies and sophisticated product solutions are ensuring efficient, safe and cost-effective engine running.

Engine sealing and resealing is an often overlooked but very important maintenance process. If you are wanting to ensure the health of your vehicle engine for the long term, and the health of the environment, then professional engine sealing and resealing services are very beneficial, and quite frankly, crucial. For more information about what engine sealing is, feel free to contact our Pfaff Tuning representatives today.

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