Benefits of turbocharged engines


Benefits of turbocharged engines

The word “turbo” immediately conjures up images of speed and sports cars. The belief is that a turbocharger is only useful if you want to go faster. While a turbocharge will do exactly that, make you go faster, there are also several other advantages to having one in your car. So if you are considering purchasing a car with a turbocharger, or having one installed, you may want to think about the other benefits to see if it works with what you are looking for. At Pfaff Tuning in Vaughan, ON, we can install a turbocharger on your vehicle if you are looking for more power and better performance. Whether it is for the track or peace of mind, our technicians can get the job done right with our in-house equipment and machinery, and our access to quality brands in the automotive parts industry. In this blog, we take a look at some of the benefits of turbocharged engines. 

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Fuel consumption 

Comparing an engine with a turbocharger and one without which produces the same amount of power, the engine with the turbo will use less fuel. This is because the actual engine size will be smaller. For example, if both engines produce 200 horsepower, the turbocharged version may be able to do this with only four cylinders, while the one without would require six cylinders. A turbocharged engine can get up to 20 percent better fuel economy.

Noise pollution 

With a smaller overall engine size to produce the same amount of power, the turbocharged engine is less noisy than a naturally aspirated engine. Also, the turbocharger acts as an additional silencer, muffling any noise generated.

Size and Weight 

With fewer cylinders to produce the same amount of power, the overall engine size and weight will be less than a normal engine. A lighter car is more efficient. To generate the same amount of power with a regular engine, you need to make it bigger and heavier.

Fewer emissions 

Government regulators are requesting that car manufacturers improve the average gas mileage and reduce the emissions produced in cars they manufacture. A turbocharged engine is smaller than a regular engine, burns less fuel and generates less environmentally unfriendly carbon dioxide.

There are many distinct benefits of turbocharged engines that can be added to this brief list. If you are considering having a turbocharger installed on your vehicle, then Pfaff Tuning can do the work. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art facility, equipment, and access to some of the industries leading parts brands.

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