Upgrade my exhaust system


Upgrade my exhaust system

Exhaust Systems are frequently overlooked. These days many car companies install the lowest grade exhaust system and skimp out on the performance and other benefits that go with an upgraded exhaust system. A properly working exhaust system is vital to having your car working at optimal performance. An exhaust system is a piping system used to efficiently guide reaction exhaust away from a controlled combustion inside your car. If you are looking to upgrade your exhaust system in the Toronto area, then Pfaff Tuning in Vaughan, ON should be your first choice destination. There are many benefits of upgrading the exhaust system in your car but is essential that the job is done correctly for optimal performance. In this blog by Pfaff Tuning, we talk about some of the reasons why you would want to upgrade your exhaust system.

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Get extra power

With an aftermarket performance exhaust system you can achieve a nice boost in power. Aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to be flow better than your stock exhaust by incorporating larger diameter piping and higher-grade mandrel bent tubing for more laminar flow. An upgrade can make the airflow faster and in turn, increases the high-end power of the car’s engine. These changes can help the engine breathe a little easier and release more horsepower and torque.

Get a nicer sound 

You ever hear the growls of a nice car shifting through the gears in your neighborhood. That person most likely has an upgraded exhaust system. These days the better exhaust systems aren’t about the loud obnoxious sounds. In fact, most of them are only slightly louder than your stock exhaust at idle, but they deepen to a low “growl” during acceleration.  

Get improved fuel economy 

The increased torque also provides better fuel economy–it takes less throttle to maintain any given speed, which also means that less fuel is burned. It is not uncommon to receive about a 5% improvement in fuel economy.

Get a longer-lasting exhaust system 

The upgraded exhaust parts last a much longer time. The factory exhaust systems are usually made of mild steel whereas the better aftermarket systems are made using either aluminized steel or stainless steel which can last up to the lifetime of the vehicle.

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