Where to have performance software installed in my car


Where to have performance software installed in my car

Modifying the engine’s ECU, also known as chip tuning, is one of the coolest ways to improve an engine’s performance. While the manufacturer programs ECUs in such a way that their motors run according to what they think is best, tuners believe that the OEM ECU program can still be improved. This is where chip tuning comes into the picture. When done correctly, it provides all kinds of benefits. If you are looking to have performance software installed on your car in the Toronto area, then a visit to Pfaff Tuning in Vaughan is just what the doctor ordered. If you are looking to discover more information about the benefits of ECU Tuning, or chip tuning, then we encourage you to continue reading this blog by Pfaff Tuning. 

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Improve Power 

This is the most common reason why motorists go for engine chip tuning. By manipulating what’s encoded in the ECU, you can modify various aspects of engine function. Chip tuning can alter air/fuel mixture, fuel pressure, valve timing, and turbo boost. Not only can this modification increase horsepower and torque, but it can also affect which parts of the RPM range where the bulk of the horsepower and torque will kick in.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

This is another common reason why motorists go for engine chip tuning. As mentioned earlier, modifying the mapping of your ECU modifies multiple variables in your engine’s performance. Depending on how the ECU will be calibrated, your engine will run more smoothly across the RPM range and reduce fuel consumption, which all aid in better fuel efficiency. Also, emissions can be improved by ECU tuning by enhancing the efficiency of fuel burning.

Enhance Engine Tuning

Multiple modifications may be made to improve the power output of an engine. However, the results may not be as great as expected. It is possible that remapping the ECU may prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle. It is a fact that modifications change the characteristics of the engine, which can render the OEM ECU settings inefficient. Engine chip tuning, when done correctly, can bring out the most from tuning.

Performance Software Companies that we work with at Pfaff Tuning

For Vaughan customers looking to have performance software installed in their vehicles, Pfaff Tuning works with various brands like VF Engineering, GIAC, Renntech, Unitronic, and Velocity AP. 

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