1973 Porsche 911 major engine service

This already beautiful 1973 Porsche 911 came to us already in great condition, but the engine needed love, as it was discovered by our team that it was leaking oil through the oil cooler seals, seals on the injector pump, and cam housing.

This process of diagnosis consists of careful attention paid to these troubled areas, washing and reinspection, as well as oil dye being added to ensure our technicians pinpoint the areas of issue.

The next step in the process of repair is to remove the engine and gearbox and begin the disassembly process. Upon removal, our team found many small issues outside of the oil leaks that would later be addressed including missing hardware in various areas, axial play in rocker bushings, and a leaking fuel injector pump. These issues lead to complete case disassembly.

Once disassembled, all exterior engine panels were stripped to bare metal and powder coated. New engine tin seals and engine bay insulation was also installed, as well as new fuel lines. The cooling fan housing strap, crankshaft pulley, hardware, and oil lines were re-plated in Cadmium. All new hardware was used for the engine, engine tin, and accessories. The fuel injection pump was sent out for complete reseal and bench testing, as well as re-calibrated for high compression and larger displacement. Additionally, the starter motor was rebuild after inspection, new Scart sport muffler was installed.

The above process outlines just a look into what is involved in the resealing process for these incredible classic Porsche’s. Our technicians skip no process or detail, the highest grade equipment, and parts are used to ensure your investment is kept safe and will run perfectly for years to come.