Porsche 911 Carrera C4 is back and better than ever

A special build for us to bring this clients 964 back to beyond former glory includes not just wheels, suspension, and interior bits, but a full engine service.


Let’s start with the engine, which was removed and completely broken down to be refinished and inspected in order for the car to perform just like it did coming off the showroom floor.

The engine work begins with the casing being thoroughly washed. Then, the oil galleys are inspected, bores are checked and measured for surface distortion within .002” of true. The alloy galley plugs were resealed, new case hardware was installed, and some pieces were given new plating to provide a beautiful finish.


Next, the pistons and barrels were replaced with updated designs as per Porsche TSB. A complete Mahle 3.6L kit was installed including new base seals, piston rings, gudgeon pins, clips, and new hardware.

Continuing the process with camshafts & rockers, which were measured and polished. New sprockets, chains, rocker bushings, and guides were installed. RSR seals were installed on the rocker shafts. The cylinder heads were milled as per Porsche TSB to accept the new head gasket, as well as new valve guides and seals.

Rennline valve covers were installed with fresh hardware.

The intake manifold and injectors were completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. New plating to the manifold clamps, fuel rails, and hardware continue the theme of new and premium.

New Fabspeed sport exhaust was installed as well with new seals and hardware.


Next came the touches that truly finished this beautiful 964. A Rennline floorboards, ignition bezel, alongside a Magnus Walker steering wheel and three-piece wheels. H&R coilovers were also installed along with new swaybar bushings, and end links. As well, the gauge cluster was refurbished.


As a final touch, the car underwent complete paint correction that included a full cut and polish.