Ferrari Testarossa major service

This beautiful Ferrari Testarossa came to us for a major engine service; a critical procedure in a car of this caliber’s life cycle to ensure the vehicle is running and performing at its peak, as well as not causing any unknown damage behind the scenes.


The first step in this major service process is to have our master technician Val drive the vehicle. During this initial drive, notes are taken on how the vehicle drives, any noises that are noticed, performance, etc. A visual inspection is also performed prior to any disassembly with any issues or trouble spots being thoroughly documented and then addressed prior to the major service.

If the vehicle is an early model with Jetronic fuel injection, then CO% and HC ppm are measured and documented.

The next step in the major service is the complete removal of the engine. Once removed, the engine itself and engine bay are washed thoroughly. The major engine service then includes servicing and potential replacement of all fluids, all filters, spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, ignition wire ohm measurement, ignition cap, and rotor. Both timing belts are replaced as well as timing belt tensioner rollers. Accessory belts are inspected and replaced as required. Also included in the service; the battery is tested, camshaft seals are replaced, valve lash on all valves is checked and adjusted as needed. A leak down test is performed on all cylinders, all valve cover hardware is replaced, camshaft timing is verified and adjusted. Hill Engineering high-quality bearings are used throughout.

These services can be tailored to the client’s needs; if more performance is desired, our technicians will recommend and make the necessary modifications. Valve covers can also be refinished to any desired colour.