Get quality suspension work done in Toronto


Get quality suspension work done in Toronto

Whether you like throwing your car sideways around a track, blazing the dirt trails of your local mountains, or feeling your car press down into the road when hitting high speeds, your car’s suspension is what allows you to do those things with stability, comfort, and control. It’s also what allows you to take turns at various speeds, accelerate properly, and brake fast enough to avoid collisions. If you have been looking for where you can get quality suspension work done in the Toronto area, then Pfaff Tuning is the place for you!

What are the components that make up the suspension system?


Tires are part of the suspension, and changing tires can have a surprisingly significant effect on handling, roadholding in various conditions, and even ride. Some tires offer dry “grip” that’s superior to the OEM choices, others offer tremendous improvement in winter conditions, and it’s even possible to find tires that give a quieter and more comfortable ride or improved fuel economy. In many cases, the main trade off is that the best tires wear out fastest.


In contrast to tires, wheel choice is usually an aesthetic decision. In theory, a larger wheel and correspondingly lower-profile tire can improve handling but in practice, the effect is minimal or nonexistent. Some aftermarket wheels offer weight improvements but many are actually heavier, not lighter, than stock.

Camber Kit

Drivers who have installed aftermarket wheels with increased offset, meaning the tires project farther from the car, often find that the camber (wheel tilt inward or outward) is adversely affected; installing a “camber kit” may allow correct alignment.

Shock Absorbers

Aftermarket shocks can offer improved handling at high speed or (particularly for trucks and SUVs) when driving in very rocky or bumpy conditions. Some aftermarket shocks are even adjustable, so the owner can fine tune the ride to his or her liking.

Sway Bars

Installing a thicker and therefore stiffer sway bar, often with more rigid bushings, can improve a car’s handling by reducing its tendency to lean to the outside of turns. Matching the front and rear sway bars can also change the the car’s tendency to “oversteer” or “understeer.”

These components are just a few that make up a suspension system. People choose to upgrade their suspension for a variety of different reasons. One thing is for sure, if you are considering a suspension upgrade, then Pfaff Tuning is the right place to have it done!

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