Looking for performance brakes for my car


Looking for performance brakes for my car

Typical OEM brakes are designed for cars with standard engines, performing routine tasks: the morning and evening commute, grocery shopping, driving the kids to soccer practice, etc. But if you subject your vehicle to stresses beyond the ordinary, then stock stoppers just won’t do. By “beyond ordinary,” we mean any power upgrades, such as nitrous oxide, turbochargers or superchargers, engine swaps and driving in particularly steep areas. In other words, your OEM brakes can easily become overwhelmed. Finding performance brakes for your car is easy when you choose Pfaff Tuning in Woodbridge! With our technicians and equipment on your side, you can have confidence knowing that your vehicle tuning is being done by the best!

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Being Lightweight Matters

Weight is the enemy of fuel economy, handling and performance, which is why automakers are going to more extreme lengths than ever to make lighter vehicles. Conventional brake calipers are typically made of iron and steel, which is cheap and durable, but heavy. Aluminum calipers weigh less, saving a few pounds while reducing the vehicle’s unsprung weight, that is, the weight of parts like wheels, axle hubs and brakes that don’t ride on top of the vehicle’s suspension. This contributes to improved handling response, steering feel and overall performance.


Many of the world’s fastest cars do away with commonly used cast iron brake rotors in exchange for something much more exotic. Carbon-ceramic brake rotors have been taking center stage in the most extreme performance braking systems for years; the materials used in their construction have their roots in the worlds of aerospace and motorsports.

By making the brake rotors out of this composite blend of lightweight and alluring materials, many benefits are realized: carbon-ceramic brakes are lighter, have a longer service life, are massively resist thermal fatigue and brake fade, and perform far more powerfully and consistently in racetrack and motorsport use.

Sport Brake Pads

Upgraded brake rotors are just one of several parts when it comes to a complete high-performance braking system upgrade. With high-quality materials, you get improved thermal resistance and better performance in harsh driving conditions. Brake pads and rotors work in sync for their entire life together, making the selection of the right pad very important. A set of sporting brake pads designed to work with a specific set of upgraded brake rotors is ideal.

If you are looking for performance brakes for your car in Toronto, then Pfaff Tuning can get the job done. Perfect for high performance vehicles or track cars, a brake system upgrade can be very beneficial!

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