Where to have performance software installed


Where to have performance software installed

Everyone with even a passing interest in cars has heard of chip tuning. As the story goes, a magical mechanical man turns up with his secret software, plugs it into your engine, and BOOM: Your car’s a lean, mean, street racing machine! Yes, in the best-case scenario, this is exactly what happens, done properly, an ECU remap can safely boost your car’s performance and even improve fuel efficiency. Finding where to have performance software installed in your car is easy when you choose Pfaff Tuning. If you are looking to boost the power in your vehicle, then our technicians can administer an ECU Remapping (Tuning) on your vehicle. Why would you want to have performance software installed in your car anyways? We take a look at that in this article.

What is an ECU?…

As cars have progressed, so have the technologies that manage them. In previous decades, cars were almost purely mechanical (with the exception of the starter motors, headlights and so on), but today most of a modern production car’s functions are controlled by ECUs. An ECU, or electronic control unit, is a ‘chip’ with software installed with default settings for those functions. A car might have up to 50 or more ECUs, which handle things like the driver interface, door locking systems, airbag systems and so on. However, the ECU we’re specifically talking about here is the Engine Control Unit which controls things like fuel flow, gear ratios, engine speed, variable valve timing and so on.

What is ECU Remapping?…

When a car rolls off the production line, its Engine Control Unit’s software is set to a default that works anywhere in the world, taking into account factors like different climates, road conditions, geographical conditions, varying fuel qualities and so on. While these default settings might be the best generic setting for your vehicle overall, they might not be the most efficient settings for your particular requirements. For example, if you want more performance, an ECU remap can change the gear ratios, air/fuel ratios and fuel flow of your car’s powertrain to boost power, usually at the sacrifice of fuel efficiency.

What are the advantages?…

More power. This is the most common reason why people choose to do an ECU remapping. For people who track their vehicles, an ECU remapping can override their default system.

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