I want to upgrade the wheels on my Audi


I want to upgrade the wheels on my Audi

Putting custom wheels on your vehicle can spice up your ride to bring back some of that new-car excitement. New wheels can also improve driving performance. But choosing tires and wheels for today’s automobiles is a lot more complex than it used to be, given all the smart technology built into modern vehicles and the huge variety of tire types now available. If you are wanting to upgrade the wheels on your Audi, then we encourage you to enlist the help of our professional technicians at Pfaff Tuning in Woodbridge.

How do I go about upgrading the wheels on my Audi?…

Know your fitment

Any vehicle will have a range of wheel/tire diameter sizes of several inches that will fit properly. This gives you some flexibility when you want to tailor wheel size for looks and performance.

Wheels are measured in inches, by diameter and rim width. The wheel diameter is how wide the wheel is across the center in inches. Rim width is the measurement from bead seat to bead seat (how wide the wheel is looking at it head on).

Know your driving goals

Say you just want to personalize a vehicle to make it your own. If you’re all about the aesthetics but don’t want to change your current ride performance, it’s easy: You can keep the same sizing but swap out your wheels for something showier.

If you love driving and are looking for performance enhancements, aftermarket wheels can play a role. Choosing a larger-diameter wheel will decrease the tire’s sidewall height. This adds responsiveness. You’ll notice higher stability and better cornering. You’ll achieve that low-profile style you’re after. Done correctly, larger wheels can improve acceleration and reduce braking distance. You’ll feel more road feedback.

Smaller wheels are mounted with tires that have a higher aspect ratio, resulting in a more comfortable ride with less road feedback. With taller sidewall tires, you’ll feel more flex when you turn corners, and you may notice a difference in handling. This sort of package manages impacts like potholes, speed bumps and debris better, protecting the wheels from damage.

We’re here to help!

If you are unsure of what wheel size your Audi is, or you are not sure about which wheels to choose for you Audi, then we suggest that you visit our technicians at Pfaff Tuning. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to assist you with fitting the wheels you want!

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