Best place for affordable tuning


Best place for affordable tuning

Pfaff Tuning provides ECU Tuning for both daily driven street machines, as well weekend track warriors. Pfaff Tuning’s experienced technicians will find the extra power you require while not sacrificing the reliability or drive-ability of your vehicle. We are able to optimize the performance of your stock ECU or tune standalone systems to their greatest potential for whatever setup you are running. If you have upgraded your turbo or did some engine modifications, we can provide you with a new tune.

We provide ECU Tuning for all makes and models, and for both street as well as track applications at an affordable rate. Pfaff Tuning is the best place for drivers looking for quality tuning throughout the Toronto area. Below are the top 4 benefits to tuning your vehicle.

Fuel Economy

ECU tuning increases your vehicles miles per gallon, so you can avoid expensive trips to the pump. It also provides better control of fuel consumption, which equals improved fuel economy.

Throttle Response

Engine and throttle response are greatly improved with ECU tuning, which makes your vehicle perform stronger, and more efficiently.


Remapping can remove manufacturer governors set on the vehicle and make your vehicle’s parameters more precise based on the area you live, altitude, and quality of fuel used. This fine-tuning process will result in increased power and more torque. Drivability and performance can also be improved by up to 40% with the proper tuning selections.


Tuning allows complete customization and specificity based upon your needs and budget. At Pfaff Tuning, we can create a plan that is affordable and best fits your overall needs. Variety and options are a major strength to tuning, as you can have more than one pre-set and switch between them depending on your situation. This is ideal for vehicles that will be driven on different terrains and surfaces.

Affordable Tuning

You can schedule a service appointment to receive affordable tuning for your vehicle here. We’re located 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge, ON, just a short drive from Toronto. Feel free to contact us at 905-850-4555 during our regular business hours of 8am-6pm. We look forward to providing you with the best service available for your vehicle.