Find car mods for luxury vehicles in Toronto


Find car mods for luxury vehicles in Toronto

Luxury vehicle car mods are becoming more popular for drivers in Toronto. With an almost endless selection, we have put together some of the most popular car mods taking place today.


This new car mod is catching on with some luxury vehicles. Drivers in Toronto are choosing to go with de-badging to create a sleeker, and less “brand” focused look. It can be very visually appealing and create a rebellious aura to the vehicle.


Exterior wraps are quickly ascending to the top of the car mod pyramid. Especially for luxury vehicles, a wrap allows the freedom to go with exotic colours and schemes, and also the ability to switch back and forth, and not be stuck with a stock look or an expensive paint job. The customization options are endless, and you can really make your mark, and have your luxury vehicle match your specific style at the time. A wrap also guards against chips or scratches to the vehicle.

Suspension Packages

As far as performance car mods go, choosing to go with an upgraded suspension is paramount. Improved springs and premium suspension allow for a softer and more comfortable ride in your luxury vehicle. It helps the vehicle handle better and be more agile overall. New springs help reduce body roll, better handling, and retain a new vehicle feel and performance.

Regular Maintenance

This is a car mod that most people never consider, but it really is the basis of maintaining a luxury vehicle. In a recent study, 86% of drivers in Toronto have a service light on and have not taken their vehicle in to find out what the issue is, let alone take action to fix it.  Before opting for car mods, be sure that your vehicle is running at a high level, and that all internal components are firing properly. Getting a vehicle diagnosis is a great first step before deciding to opt for modifications.

Pfaff Tuning

If you have a car mod idea in mind, feel free to schedule a service appointment for your luxury vehicle. Remember, we install all the products we sell, and will install products for all makes and models, as well as for both street and track applications.

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