Where can I get low profile tires installed on my Porsche?


Where can I get low profile tires installed on my Porsche?

Low profile tires were originally used for race cars and luxury vehicles. They’re becoming more popular on the streets of Toronto, and can offer a wide range of benefits for both performance and visual appeal. Low profile tires have an aspect ratio of 55 millimetres or less, and can be installed on a Porsche or other luxury vehicles.


Low profile tires have stiffer sidewalls that make up for their lack of height, and larger contact areas. These two traits create better grip on smooth surfaces, improved wheel response, and a quicker tire. Better grip will allow the vehicle to be faster going around corners and feel more stable on straight lines. Also, since the wheels take up less space, a bigger rim is needed. The larger rim allows for a larger break, creating more stopping power. Stopping power is very important at high speeds.

Fuel Economy

Lower rolling resistance is a side effect of low profile tires because they have shorter, stiffer sidewalls, and a simpler thread pattern compared to regular tires. Lower rolling resistance can greatly improve your Porsche’s fuel economy.


The look of low profile tires is very unique, and allows driver to create a specific look. Installing these tires typically creates a sportier and more luxurious appearance.


Be aware that low profile tires are not a good idea if you plan on driving your Porsche through areas with poor road conditions. Pot holes or any uneven surfaces can really damage the tires and make for an uncomfortable ride. Also, during winter time wet and icy roads make it very difficult for low profile tires to have any grip or traction and can be a safety concern. It’s better to use low profile tires in the summer or in climates that are naturally warmer.


Pfaff Tuning can install low profile tires on luxury vehicles like Porsche, McLaren, or Ferrari. We will install all products we sell and can offer installation for both street and track applications.

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