Where To Get My Car Track Ready


Where To Get My Car Track Ready

With a close connection to Pfaff Motorsports, Pfaff Tuning is your one-stop shop for preparing your car for the track this season. If you have been looking for where you can get your car track ready, then look no further than Pfaff Tuning! Whether it’s track alignment, Pirelli Trofeo R tires, or safety gear from roll cages to fire suits and helmets, our team at Pfaff Tuning can get your car outfitted to tear up the track this season!

Car tuning is a huge industry, and there are several popular styles of tuning. However, race tuning is different from almost all of these. Tuning your vehicle for track racing will involve several things that most tuning styles do not provide. It will also require the services of a professional with quality equipment and machinery to get the job done right.

Weight Reduction

If you are serious about racing, one of the first things you must do is lighten the load on your car. You will not find high-performing race cars that have huge speakers and massive audio systems, nor will you find them with chromed steel wheels. Many racers even remove the rear seat (and the passenger seat as well) in their quest for less weight. Lightening the load allows your vehicle to make the most of the engine and transmission it currently has.

Engine Performance

Cold air intakes, high-flow exhaust, ecu tuning, and many other enhancements can help you gain better performance for your engine. However, adding horsepower is not what it’s all about. Adding specific enhancements for either low-end torque or high-RPM performance is the goal. Adding too much horsepower can actually reduce the performance of your vehicle, due to the vehicle’s speed-to-weight ratio. 

Performance Brakes

Getting your car track ready will almost certainly involve installing a performance brakes system. The right wheels and tires are vital to making the most of your speed. Many aftermarket wheels are made of chromed steel or aluminum. While these are great showpieces for the street, they add significant weight to your ride. Racing wheels use ultra-light forged aluminum or magnesium alloy construction, while gives you a much lighter wheel capable of freeing up additional power. 

These are just three common tuning areas to make your car track ready. For more information about how Pfaff Tuning can get your car ready to race this season, we recommend that you check out our services on our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or to speak with a representative.