Professional car modification near me


Professional car modification near me

One of the great things about cars is that they’re essentially blank canvases, and through the wonderful world of modifications, you can pick and choose which aspects of your car you want to focus your efforts and money on. If you really want to make your car faster and improve performance, without looking like you overspent for unnecessary low quality work, Pfaff Tuning has provided a helpful guide to get started. In terms of the bang-for-your-buck factor, every single one of these is absolutely worth the time and money.

Invest in your tires

A good set of high-performance tires will help every single aspect of your car’s performance, from acceleration to braking to cornering. For our Canadian prolonged winters, it’s completely reasonable to have two sets of tires and wheels: one for summer and one for the winter, each with rubber compounds optimized to their respective temperature ranges.

Race seats and harnesses

You’ve probably never realized just how much effort you put into keeping your body in place every time you turn or hit the brakes. But when you’re securely held in a supremely supportive seat, you’ll be amazed at how much more accurately and quickly you can make adjustments to the steering, brake, and accelerator pedal, especially if you track your vehicle.

Limited Slip Differential

If your car didn’t come from the factory with a limited slip differential (and relatively few cars do today), then it’s likely being driven by just one wheel, and whichever one has the least amount of traction, at that. A lot of people will spend double, triple, or quadruple the price of one good LSD on engine modifications that deliver ever-diminishing horsepower gains. Instead, being able to effectively use the power you already have will yield even greater results.

Shock absorption and stiffer springs

Shock absorbers, by the very act of absorbing the shocks that come from driving over bumps, etc., help keep your tires planted firmly on the pavement. They also help control the natural up and down motion that springs are wont to do after they’ve been compressed, thereby making your car feel much more stable. Combine good shocks with a stiffer and lower set of springs, and you’ll start to see a sort of multiplier effect of all the good geometry you’ve been working towards.

There’s no getting around it – having a professional administer your car modifications is the preferred route. At Pfaff Tuning, our technicians and state of the art equipment can modify your vehicle like mentioned above, and much more! Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or contact a Pfaff Tuning representative.