Car Upgrades In Toronto

wheel-upgradeCar Upgrades In Toronto

When it comes to quality car upgrades in Toronto, obtaining and installing a new suspension can help you achieve more in the way of handling, corning, and performance capabilities. We offer the highest quality aftermarket products, with the tuning services to match. To learn more about our car upgrades provided at Pfaff Tuning, please continue to read below.

Suspension Products

Upgrading your vehicle’s suspension with quality aftermarket products on offer here at Pfaff Tuning could be the best purchase you have ever made when it comes to your car. If you feel like your factory-made suspension is growing old, and not providing you with the performance you want, then we have quality products from some of the best aftermarket automotive brands in the industry, to help you achieve the ride you’ve always wanted.

For suspensions that use the highest grade materials, you can obtain the needed products from the industry leader in high performance, with quality suspension components from H&R Springs, on offer at our facility. We also sell products for specific high-end brands, such as RENNtech as they are a premier Mercedes-Benz specialists, or TECHART, as they set the global standard for premium refinement in Porsche cars.

Suspension Tuning

When it comes to suspension tuning, we have the knowledge and quality products to modify the springs, shock absorbers, swaybars, and other related components of the vehicle to facilitate performance-oriented upgrades and repairs. Shorter springs are needed to achieve a greater stiffness and lower center of gravity, while stiffer shock absorbers improve the dynamic weight shifting during cornering, as both modifications work together to achieve a higher level of performance output.

Handling response and cornering capabilities can be upgraded using stiffer sway bars for faster weight shifting. Strut bars can also be added to improve the body stiffness and better maintain proper suspension geometry during cornering. Our technicians are backed by years of experience in the automotive industry, with the product knowledge and extensive training to facilitate all types of suspension tuning to provide you with performance upgrades and safe and effective vehicle maintenance.

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To find professional tuning services and performance-oriented car upgrades in Toronto, a visit to Pfaff Tuning is all it takes. Residents can obtain quality parts and extensive services at our Woodbridge facility located at 101 Auto Park Circle.

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