Car Alignment Services Near Me


Car Alignment Services Near Me

The proper wheel alignment of your vehicle goes a long way in protecting the car, its parts, and those driving inside of it. When your tire arrangement is off-kilter, your whole machine becomes out of whack, losing stability, mileage, and more. If you require professional car alignment services and are located in the Greater Toronto Area, then a visit to Pfaff Tuning is in your best interest. Please read on to learn the benefits of proper wheel alignment, and how achieving it will save you time, money, and can even keep you out of dangerous situations!


Misalignment of your tires can happen for a slew of reasons. Drivers can knock their tires out of alignment by hitting a curb, driving over a pothole, or accidentally hitting something on the road. It can even happen during a minor fender bender, or if other parts of your car are wearing out. If the alignment is off, your vehicle will become off-center, making it more difficult to steer. If your car is vibrating for no apparent reason, veering to one side when driving, or it takes more effort to steer in general, than your car could be out of alignment.

Fuel Efficiency

Achieve greater fuel economy when your car is in prime alignment. Misaligned wheels can create tire drag, resulting in the vehicle consuming more fuel than usual to get where it needs to go. Poor alignment means a higher hit to you financially for this reason, so make sure your car is in proper condition to get the most out of your gas tank and your wallet.

Tire Quality

When aligned correctly, a vehicle’s tires will rotate in a straight line, making it easy for drivers to steer their car. When pushed askew, tires become uneven, resulting in disproportioned wear and tear. If this happens, you will have to buy new tires earlier than you might have needed otherwise, making your financial costs even greater. You could improve the lifespan of your tires up to 20% more when they are correctly aligned under your car, making it an essential part of routine services.

Overall Safety

Misaligned tires are no joke. When driving at high speeds, improper alignment can cause difficult steering, increased risk of accidents, and inability to stop safely in wet weather conditions. All of this can put undue stress on other parts of your car, adversely affecting how your vehicle brakes and handles, compromising the safety of the driver and passengers within, as well as that of the surrounding traffic.

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Toronto drivers who have noticed the signs of misalignment on their car should visit us at Pfaff Tuning to have our expert technicians service your vehicle.  Located at 101 Auto Park Circle, in Woodbridge, we are only a short distance away!

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