Quality Suspension Work


Quality Suspension Work

All of the horsepower and torque at your car’s disposal means nothing if you do not have the suspension system to support it. A great vehicle’s suspension will maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface, providing steering stability to the driver and ensuring a comfortable ride for driver and passengers alike. Vaughan residents who feel as though their car is losing its capability to traverse the roads evenly and easily than Pfaff Tuning is available to perform quality suspension work at the hands of professionals!


A Smooth Ride

Your suspension is a vital component to your vehicle and  how it performs. At Pfaff Tuning, we specialize in suspension tuning for performance, or even just for looks. Whether your vehicle has factory air suspension, or you want to fit a wheel and tire package you have purchased, our professional technicians can alter your suspension accordingly. From lowering H&R Springs and coilovers, to lowering entire car modules, for quality suspension work, Pfaff Tuning is the place for you.


Controlled Handling

Steering, braking, and accelerating are all also tied to the suspension system. In order to have complete and total control over your vehicle, you need constant friction between the road and the tires. A suspension in good working order will be able to deliver this, minimizing the weight of the vehicle from side to side, providing you and your car with road holding and cornering capabilities.


Top Brands

Our Vaughan facility is well equipped to handle any suspension work customers bring in to us. With some of the top brands of products at your disposal, we will be able to upgrade, replace, or repair what needs to be done to provide you with the smoothest ride and reflexive handling your vehicle has ever had.


We carry quality brands such as H&R Springs, Bilstein, KW Suspension, Renntech, TECHART, and more, for your driving pleasure. Receive great products, installed at the hands of expert professionals when you visit our shop!


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Vaughan drivers and car owners should look to Pfaff Tuning for all of their suspension work, as our shop is located at 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge, just a short drive away!


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