Where To Tune my VW


Where To Tune my VW

Our cars have become an essential aspect of our everyday lives in North America, as we use them to reach old and new destinations alike every day. If you are in the market to tune or upgrade your VW, so you can continue to explore the Canadian roads in a style that matches your personality and are located in the Vaughan area, Pfaff Tuning can help!


Our Services

Established in 2003 by Pfaff Automotives, our Tuning facility aims to unite our unique tuning solutions and quality, proven aftermarket products with automobile enthusiasts across the market. With a focus on high-end, premium manufacturers, our team of professional and experienced technicians can facilitate a range of tuning services focusing on the aesthetic of your vehicle, and it’s performance upgrades, through a wide selection of top automotive brands.


With a wide selection of products geared to specific manufacturers, such as the Volkswagen line, Pfaff Tuning is well equipped to perform enhancements and personal touches to your exclusive and luxuriant vehicle.


ABT Sportsline

As the global market leader in the enhancement of vehicles produced by the Volkswagen Group, ABT Sportsline products are available at our facility when you entrust the care of your VW to us. This premium brand, sold in over 50 countries worldwide, can be used to modify your vehicle with sports-type suspensions, engine power upgrades, lightweight wheels, aerodynamic components and more.


ABT Sportsline lends their extreme engineering and fantastic product line to the winner of the GT Masters, as well as five driver championships, three team championships in the DTM, and countless Formula E wins. Choosing the ABT Sportsline product line for all of your VW tuning needs can unlock the full potential of your vehicle, offering supreme handling capabilities and unrivalled performance enhancements, so you can drive like a champion.


Visit Us

Vaughan residents who are looking to upgrade and tune their VW should consider visiting us here at Pfaff Tuning, as our facility offers quality enhancement products, installed at the hands of reliable professionals, all available only a short distance away. Come in and visit us in person at 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge.


We look forward to modifying your vehicle to your personal preferences! Click here to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members, or fill out our contact form with any questions you may have and we will get back to you in a prompt manner.