Where Can I Get My Exhaust System Replaced


Where Can I Get My Exhaust System Replaced

Has your vehicle been making louder engine noises than usual, with decreased fuel efficiency and added vibrations? If so, you may need to replace the exhaust system. Pfaff Tuning offers quality-made exhaust systems, as well as an array of aftermarket products, installed by experienced professionals, to the Vaughan area and beyond.


The Function

The exhaust system on your vehicle is a significant aspect of the overall smooth and safe running of your automobile. It begins at the engine and is made up of a series of pipes, catalytic converters, sensors, mufflers, and often a resonator, as well as other emission devices, to remove toxic gases and fumes from your vehicle. To say the least, this system is paramount to the safety or drivers and passengers alike, and should always be in excellent working order.


Why Replace

Replacing your exhaust system is always beneficial to your safety, but upgrading the system can also have many potential positive returns on your investment as well. Aftermarket exhaust systems offer possible weight reduction, and incredible sound for the track and the street, while stylized exhaust tip options at our facility can compliment a wide range of vehicle aesthetics. These quality products can also add some extra horsepower to your vehicle, for those who enjoy the thrill of the drive. On top of all of these positives, the catalytic converter helps to turn these gases into mostly harmless fumes, causing much less damage to the environment- a win-win for everyone involved.


Our Products

Vaughan residents looking to replace their old exhaust system on their high-end automobile can receive quality made products to match, at our neighbouring facility. We partner with companies that are unrivalled in the industry, obtaining and offering aftermarket exhaust products from the likes of Active Autowerke, AWE-Tuning, Akrapovic, GMG Racing, Milltek Sport, Renntech, Capristo, Tubi Style, Fabspeed, Sharkwerks, IPD Plenums, Unitronic, and many more!


Visit Us

Vaughan residents in the market for a new and improved exhaust system that matches the superior quality of your vehicle can be obtained and installed right here at Pfaff Tuning. Located at 101 Auto Park Circle, in Woodbridge, we are only a short distance away!


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