Old 911’s never die

Since the day Pfaff Tuning opened its doors, we have had a direct connection to the Porsche community and the incredible people within it. Over the years our passion for the brand and willingness to take on more has increased exponentially. We love receiving client projects, especially ones that require time and precision…we begin to feel connected to that build, to the car, each time creating a relationship from client, to sales rep, to technician, to the car.


This brings us to this 1989 Porsche 911. This 964 came to us in need of love from all corners, and its owner was willing to do what it took to bring the 911 back to its former glory…and then some!


We started the project in the rear with the motor, which went through a full re-and-re from our Porsche master technician Valentin. The motor was completely disassembled, and every surface measured, cleaned, and inspected meticulously. New case hardware was added, new plating and seals, updated pistons and barrels, complete Mahle 3.6 litre kit, new rocker bushings, RSR seals on rocker shafts, new valve guides and seals. The cylinder heads were milled to Porsche TSB spec to accept the new head gasket. Every nut, bolt, and seal either replaced or thoroughly cleaned or refinished. The motor itself now the new heart of this build, beating stronger than ever before.


Additionally, the car received many aftermarket options for aesthetic and feel including Fifteen52 Outlaw 3 piece wheels, Pirelli PZero tires, Fabspeed maxflo exhaust system, Rennline floor boards, 4 piece pedal set, ignition switch bezel, and billet aluminum valve covers. H&R coilovers were added to provide the car with a new stance and better stability. A Magnus Walker steering wheel with Momo hub, Porsche shift knob, and new OEM clutch.


The build was finalized by a full front to rear paint correction polish with the end result showcasing a beautiful classic treasure that will tear up the streets for years to come.