Teaching an old girl new tricks

At Pfaff Tuning, we are not just about bolting a hot exhaust on the latest and greatest sports cars. Within our DNA is a passion to create, to rebuild, and to restore.

So in comes this beautiful 1973 Porsche 911, clearly cared for greatly by its owner. The classic Porsche came to us nearly completely restored, but there were still elements missing that kept it from perfect; the motor was old, tired, leaking, and running poorly, and the body’s paint needed love after all those years in the wild.

Our master Porsche technician Valentin pulled the motor complete, and went over every fine detail within the rebuild process to original manufacturer specifications. The rebuild included a complete tear down of every component, nut and bolt, a full engine reseal, rebalancing of the crank, rebuild of the fuel pump, and refinishing of components including the fan assembly.

The ’73 911 also underwent a complete paint restoration, including a full cut and polish detail, and ceramic coating on all exterior body panels.